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The best way a practice can grow in 2019
Posted: 1/17/2019

The beginning of the new year is always exciting. You have vision, energy, and resolutions to make. The key to keeping the vision, energy and the resolution lies with you. Having a dynamic year consists of many things that can become overwhelming. We can break it down into three categories to help make it more manageable.


1.    Systems
Systems make the world go around. Everyone needs systems, protocols and organization. And yet, typically, we have very few established systems in our offices. The first thing to do this year is to create a systems manual. This document is your go-to manual for information on how to start, continue and finish any process in the dental office. You can start with a checklist with the different departments highlighted, such as: Administrative, Business, Clinical, Hygiene, Doctor/Ownership and HR. Within each category, make a list of all the processes these departments are responsible for executing. You might even have some of these systems and not realize it. For example, do you have a financial policy for your practice that defines how your office handles payment? This policy should outline both fee-for-service and insurance patients. Every patient in your practice should be presented with and agree to this policy in writing.

Another example is reporting. Which metrics do you track, and which reports do you run to gather the information? Systems like these will help to make your office more organized and run more efficiently. Systems should be clearly defined, documented and easily located so the entire team can refer to them when questions arise.


2.    Teams
You can never go wrong by focusing on your team. If you take care of your team, they will take care of you. Being a great leader requires having a great team to support you. Are you listening to your team? Active listening is one of the hardest tasks in our human space. Are you investing in your team? A well-educated team with great verbal skills and empathy for your patients makes for a happy team. A happy team will not only bring in new patients but also keep your existing patients coming back. Making an investment in your team does not always mean spending money. It also means investing your time and energy as well as showing your appreciation. Keep your team motivated with regular team meetings and make sure they have a voice in the practice. Demonstrate that you value their role in the practice.


3.    Technology
We are better dentists for our patients when we have current technology in the practice. Are you up-to-date and ready to be cutting-edge in 2019? Technology can not only make you and the team more efficient and effective, it can also boost your patients’ trust. There are very few people who want to go to an old office, with old or no technology to have their personal health care needs met. Our patients today are reviewing websites, checking social media and reading reviews before ever stepping into your office. Make sure what the patient expects is what you deliver.


Having a thriving and healthy practice in 2019 takes a tremendous amount of patience.  Getting started can be overwhelming so first break down your goals. Where do you want to be one year from now? What type of growth do you want to accomplish? Then, compartmentalize. Create and implement systems, focus on your team and utilize technology to help ensure a dynamic 2019.


Laci discovered at an early age her true passion for speaking and entertaining audiences. As a founding partner at Practice Dynamics she combines her knowledge of dentistry with her passion for teams to deliver customized coaching, workshops and speaking events throughout the country. She is speaking at the Hinman Dental Meeting, March 21-23, 2019 and her course lineup can be found here.

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