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Tax Deductions for Pass-Through Entities’ “Qualified Business Income”
Posted: 2/13/2018

By William G. Lako, CFP® and Shawna L. Theriault, CFP®, C.P.A.


One of the key promises during President Trump’s campaign was to lower taxes for businesses from 35 percent to 15 percent and eliminate the corporate alternative minimum tax. The final version of the tax bill did eliminate the corporate alternative minimum tax, and lowered the tax for corporations to 21 percent in 2018. Furthermore, businesses organized as “pass-throughs” will get taxed at less than 30 percent.

Simplifying the Gow-Gates Mandibular Division Block Injection
Posted: 1/29/2018

by: Alan W. Budenz, MS, DDS, MBA


A simplified Gow-Gates injection technique -  a simpler method for determining the correct target point and the proper angulation of the syringe in the medial-lateral orientation.

How Dry I Am!
Posted: 1/17/2018

by: Thomas Viola, RPh, CCP


It is estimated that approximately 10% of the general population is affected by “oral dryness”. When a patient presents with this complaint, one of the first considerations for the dental professional is to determine whether the condition is “xerostomia” or “hyposalivation”.

Prevent Injury and Enhance Career Longevity with Reinforced Instrumentation Strategies
Posted: 1/4/2018

by Diane Millar, RDH, MA


No longer is scaling exclusively about calculus removal. It is about calculus removal and protecting oneself from injury. Utilizing reinforced instrumentation techniques that require scaling teeth with two hands instead of one will ensure optimum performance and promote occupational health and career longevity.

The Difference Between Botox® and Dermal Fillers – Made Ridiculously Simple
Posted: 12/14/2017

By Gigi Meinecke, RN, BSN, DMD, FAGD


If you’re in the dark about injectables, don’t feel bad – you’re in plenty of good company.  In this post I’ll break down the differences and indications for both Botox® and fillers as well as compare and contrast the “product identities” of each.

Considering a career as a forensic odontologist?
Posted: 12/1/2017

By Dr. Anthony "Rick" Cardoza


Forensic odontology is an exciting field where dental professionals can utilize their skills and training in a field completely outside of dentistry.  Choosing a career path as a forensic odontologist or forensic dental autopsy technician (the auxiliary’s role in forensic dentistry) should not be viewed as a hobby but, in fact, a second career in addition to a primary career in the field of dentistry.  The hours can be long and the monetary return low, or even non-existent, but the personal reward and satisfaction can be great.

When You Take Social Security Starts with When You Need the Money
Posted: 11/1/2017

By William G. Lako, CFP® and Shawna L. Theriault, CFP®, C.P.A.


Regardless of how much investors save for retirement, nearly every couple has the same basic question when it comes to Social Security: When should we begin taking benefits? Many different factors play into when the best time to take benefits might be, but generally, it comes back to what your financial plan looks like and when you need your money.

The Hidden Acidity in What We Drink
Posted: 9/12/2017

By Kristina Dawson, D.M.D.


Do you have a patient in your practice who constantly complains of sensitivity when they eat? Here are a few tips to help reduce the effects of acid. 

Dollar Cost Averaging During Market Highs
Posted: 7/26/2017

In case you missed the news, the markets have hit several new all-time highs recently. While that’s wonderful news for those who are invested, it poses a problem for investors with new money. Those with an inheritance, an insurance settlement or a bonus, or those who just rolled over an account have the challenge of deciding when to invest their cash into the market.

Hinman Announces the #myhinman Scholarship Winners
Posted: 5/23/2017

We caught up with the #MyHinman scholarship winners to find out more about their plans for their scholarship and what they have been up to since Hinman.

New CIMT Test Looks at the Anatomy of the Artery Wall and Saves Lives
Posted: 5/19/2017

The new CIMT test actually looks at the anatomy of the artery wall itself, instead of the old way of looking at blood flow. It makes for a much better predictor of your future health. 

New Product Forum Course Recorded and Now Available
Posted: 5/2/2017

At the 2017 Hinman Dental Meeting, 14 companies shared their newest offerings with attendees in the New Product Forum. Weren’t able to attend? That’s okay! Each presentation was recorded and available on our YouTube Channel.

The Millennial Dentists Take a Road Trip to Hinman
Posted: 4/17/2017

"We actually did a neat video for Hinman on why Peyman and I are passionate about going to these large dental meetings! We love digital learning like the rest of you, but it doesn’t replace these meetings! Check it out first so you see what these episodes are all about. We went around to different vendors that we thought were interesting and got them on the podcast. We wanted those who couldn’t attend to hear about some of the new companies out there as well as their take on different aspects of dentistry." says Dr. Sully, Millennial Dentist.  

Home Offices: Specific Qualifications for Deductions but Many Expenses Qualify
Posted: 4/10/2017

By William G. Lako, CFP® and Shawna L. Theriault, CFP®, C.P.A.

Taxpayers sometimes prefer to avoid deductions that are “audit red flags.” While an audit is no fun, fear of an audit is no reason to avoid taking a home office deduction if you legitimately qualify for one. In recent years, the IRS has made it easier to calculate a home office deduction, allowing you to choose to use the safe harbor method or the regular actual expenses method for any taxable year. But first, to take a home office deduction, specific rules must be met. 

Advice From a Founding Father – For Newly Practicing Dentists of Ten Years or Less
Posted: 2/21/2017

by Imtiaz Manji

There is one thing—one nagging mindset condition—that is common to many new dentists, and it’s not just the anxiety from the mountain of school debt they are carrying.  It’s the feeling of not being in control. It doesn’t matter if you’re an associate, a new owner, or an employee in a corporate environment, the feeling is similar. It’s the feeling of being pulled along day to day by circumstances, of responding to patient needs, team needs, and practice needs, but never really feeling in charge of your career path.

History Repeats Itself: Doing Nothing is an Investment Decision
Posted: 1/23/2017

By William G. Lako, CFP® and Shawna L. Theriault, CFP®, C.P.A.

It was four years ago when we explained to clients, “With the election over, believe it or not, we still face more uncertainty.” That sentiment continues to ring true today. Since the Nov. 8th election, we’ve greeted every morning with a new article about the changes now-President Donald Trump and a Republican-controlled Congress may affect. Right now it is all speculation and campaign promises.

Finding, Hiring, Training & Retaining Team Members - It’s a full time Job!
Posted: 11/2/2016

by: Laci L. Phillips

Our team is what makes or breaks us. Getting the right people on the bus and in the right seats is a four-step process. As you start this journey, remember, “You can always train for skill, you cannot train attitude.” Let’s take a look at the four steps.

Following Generalized Investment Guidelines Means Missing out on Tailoring Decisions to Your Circumstances
Posted: 10/18/2016

By William G. Lako, CFP® and Shawna L. Theriault, CFP®, C.P.A.

Investors who do their own financial planning often rely on industry standards. Similar to those who rely on investment adages for their asset allocation, these investors are missing out on advice that is tailored to their circumstances and goals.

Delegation That Raises Team Performance!
Posted: 10/4/2016

by Judy Kay Mausolf

Synonyms for delegate are:  assign, entrust and transfer.  Which is not usually what I see happen when I am observing team members delegating to one another.  Instead, I often see a lot of telling, ordering and just plain barking commands.   Which ends up being neither positive nor effective.  

The Required Due Diligence for a Dental Practice Sale
Posted: 9/19/2016

by Stuart J. Oberman, Esq

By conducting the appropriate due diligence, you will gain a thorough understanding of the dental practice as well as ascertain a fair purchase price. With a little due diligence at the start of the process, a buyer of a dental practice can save an enormous amount of potential liability after the sale takes place.

Hinman’s First Female General Chairman Steps Into Coveted Role
Posted: 8/22/2016

“I’m truly honored to be the first female General Chairman for the Hinman. There are so many great women leaders in dentistry here in Georgia. I feel a strong responsibility to serve them well and host a meeting that not only features the latest in dentistry, but celebrates the different insights and strengths that women bring to the profession.”  

Hear it from the Makers
Posted: 8/9/2016

Last March, the Hinman Dental Meeting provided 17 companies the opportunity to give an in-person overview of one of their newest products during a course called “Dental and Hygiene New Product Forum”. These companies each gave 10 minute presentations that were recorded and are available for you on our YouTube Channel. Check them out!

Meet Hinman Scholar, Blake Tollison
Posted: 7/26/2016

The Hinman Dental Society awarded nearly $450,000 in scholarships and gifts to dental education schools and programs this year.  Included in these gifts are 89 scholarships, dispersed to students at 39 different dental programs throughout the Southeast. The students selected for scholarships are named “Hinman Scholars” and are recognized during a luncheon at the Hinman Dental Meeting each year. We caught up with Blake Tollison, Hinman Scholar from MUSC, to hear more about his experience at Hinman this year and his plans for the future.

Poached Eggs, I don’t think so…
Posted: 7/13/2016

A “poacher” is a person posing as a representative of the Hinman Meeting ready to help you make your hotel reservation. They then continue “pretending” to make the room accommodations concluding with “we need charge your credit card in full.” Only, when the attendee gets to that hotel, the reservation doesn’t exist and their money is gone. The key is to know who the official housing provider is to protect yourself. 

Saving on Taxes by Leasing Property to Your Business
Posted: 6/28/2016

by William G. Lako, CFP® and Shawna L. Theriault, CFP®, C.P.A.

The way you structure your assets and handle your cash flows can have a direct impact on what you pay in taxes.  If you operate as a C corporation, an effective way to distribute money from your company without incurring additional payroll taxes is to lease your property to the company.  

Recognizing Dental Technicians and CDTs
Posted: 6/16/2016

by Heather Voss, CDT

Operating behind the scenes of oral health care, dental technicians and CDTs provide a crucial role in ensuring the delivery of quality restorations to patients. Dental technicians bring considerable experience and subject matter expertise in the areas of dental materials, technology utilization, shade verification and restorative dentistry.

Building the Brand
Posted: 5/25/2016

by Laci Phillips

It is important to remember your brand in everything you do. Integration includes your logo, your colors, and your mission up to how you answer the phones, greet patients and perform dentistry. Integration also includes how you will use your brand. Here are 5 items you should be using in your dental practice.

Hinman 2017: The Changing Face of Dentistry
Posted: 4/28/2016

“The theme of the meeting says it all. Hinman 2017 will focus on the changing face of dentistry and how we can take advantage of technology and medical advancements to deliver the best possible care to our patients,” Dr. Jane Puskas said. “We’ll celebrate our past, but we will also celebrate change in our profession with more contemporary techniques, more diversity and more tools at our fingertips.”

Hinman 2016: ‘Your Total Health Connection’
Posted: 3/17/2016

The 104th Hinman features more than 75 speakers, including 27 who are new to Hinman; nearly 250 courses with Mini-Residencies in pediatrics, geriatrics and cone beam anatomy; the returning G.O.L.D. (Graduates of the Last Decade) program; a new S.I.L.V.E.R. (Strategies to Implement that Lead to a Valuable, Enjoyable Retirement) program for dentists looking to retire; the new Total Health Pavilion in the exhibit hall; and nearly 400 companies demonstrating the latest in dentistry.

Making Resolutions... the "SMART Weigh!"
Posted: 1/11/2016

by Pamela Smith, RDN

I’m always excited about a new year – my cheer for a most healthy and happy kickoff for 2016 is “New Days, New Ways!” It’s a time of clean slates and fresh beginnings – filled with a sense of hope and the new. And, with the rest of the world seemingly feeling the same way, it can be an energizing and motivating time as well. But how soon we run out of steam! 

Precious Metals…GOLD and SILVER, Hinman Style!
Posted: 12/10/2015

by Wayne Kerr, DDS, MAGD

It didn’t take me long after graduating from Emory University’s School of Dentistry in the spring of 1978 to realize that I was a really good clinician, but a really bad businessman!  

The Perfect Love Affair: The Hinman
Posted: 11/20/2015

by Tonya Lanthier, RDH

This spring at the Hinman Dental Meeting, I found myself reflecting on the many times I had attended the convention, seeing it through different eyes each time. First as a student, then as a dental professional, next an exhibitor, and this year as a speaker. This profession has given me so much joy, knowledge, and happiness at every stage of my career, and my participation in the annual Hinman Dental Meeting seems to have marked each step along the way.

A Mock-up for Altering Gingival Esthetics
Posted: 9/3/2014

By Dr. Lee Ann Brady

When we think that part of a treatment plan will include altering the gingival esthetics, one of the things we are tasked with is determining where we want the tissue to be.

It’s What You Learn, After You Know It All, That Counts!
Posted: 8/19/2014

By Mark E. Hyman, DDS, MAGD

“But that’s what we learned in dental school…”  That is a mentality that I have consciously avoided during all 29 years that I have practiced cosmetic and family dentistry in Greensboro, NC.  What I have discovered is that dental practices that embrace technological advances early are the ones leaping ahead of everyone else!  Learning from the best, I have chosen to integrate many of these innovations into my practice, and with great results!

What Makes Staff Stay?
Posted: 5/1/2014

By Wayne Kerr, DDS

Like many in our profession, I’ve had to dismiss a few “less than sterling” employees through the years, but I’ve always recognized that a stable staff sends a message to our patient family:  that your practice is a great place to work, and they can always count on seeing their favorite hygienist or other team member.

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