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Growth and Value – Now is Not the Time to Switch Courses
Posted: 10/14/2020

Maybe you’ve heard, “the recovery is lopsided.” For the most part, many investors don’t care. They see the S&P 500 Index has generally recovered since the bottom on March 23, 2020. What they don’t see is that the bulk of the S&P’s performance has been generated by five stocks. Apple, Inc., Microsoft Corp.,, Inc., Facebook, Inc., and Alphabet, Inc., which are up 32.37 percent as of Sept. 17, 2020. The rest of the benchmark index has a year-to-date return of -3.30 percent on average.

Maximizing PPP Loan Forgiveness
Posted: 5/18/2020

When a practice receives its PPP loans, the eight-week period for determining how much of the loan will be forgiven has begun.  The goal here is maximizing the amount of forgiveness within the rules as they are presently written and updated.  Even with the SBA’s various “Final Interim Rules” and Q&A’s, there remains much that is ambiguous.  Over the next few weeks, we expect the SBA to provide further guidance on the loan forgiveness.  

When Life Needs a Sticky Note
Posted: 3/30/2020

Isn’t it satisfying to cross an item off a to-do list?  It’s even more fun to complete a task on a sticky note and toss it.  But some sticky notes are worth keeping, especially those with messages that remind us of what’s truly important in our lives.  As this pandemic turns our world upside down and adversely impacts our lives and our businesses, we can choose to live with an attitude of abundance or scarcity.  I choose abundance and have posted the following sticky notes throughout my home.

The Power of a Smile
Posted: 2/26/2020

Years before we had cell phones and airline apps, I became aware that my flight from Seattle to Atlanta had been cancelled due to mechanical issues only after arriving at the airport.  I wasn’t concerned, however, as my airline offered five more Atlanta-bound flights through the course of the day.

Three Effective Ways to Introduce a New Service to Patients
Posted: 1/29/2020

Over the course of their careers, most dentists will introduce a variety of new services into their practice. In fact, many of you may be planning to attend the Hinman Dental Meeting this year to explore new service opportunities or acquire the necessary continuing education time to master a new service.  These plans all make perfect sense. When seeking to increase revenue, expanding your service list can be an attractive option. And while adding services to your practice...

Social Media and Facial Injectables - Marketing Magnet or Legal Liability?
Posted: 1/19/2020

      Social Media and Facial Injectables - Marketing Magnet or Legal Liability? by Gigi Meinecke, DMD  If you’re considering adding facial injectables to your practice or you’ve already taken that step, you might be wondering how to promote those new services and create patient awareness. After all, what good are advanced...

2019 Reminders and Checklists
Posted: 12/17/2019

2019 Reminders and ChecklistsBy William G. Lako, CFP® and Shawna L. Theriault, C.P.A., CFP®, CDFA®It’s the time of the year when counting down toward January 1st also means crossing critical items off your financial to-do list. With the holiday season upon us, we know it can be  tough to find the time to organize your...

The Truth About Customer Service
Posted: 12/6/2019

The Truth About Customer ServiceBy Roger Levin, DDS What’s the truth about how companies handle customer service? Well, it all depends on who you ask. If you ask most businesses, they will tell you that they have excellent customer service even though they have no data or feedback to back up...

A Career Greatly Enhanced by Forensic Science
Posted: 6/21/2019

By: Amber Riley, MS, RDH, FAAFS


I’ve given identity opinions to medical examiners and death investigators on the remains of decorated war heroes, children, elders, criminals, murderers, rapists, the wealthy and the destitute.  A confirmed, positive identification of a dead suspect is just as fundamental to a criminal investigation, to close it or to direct or redirect investigations, and to link multiple cases together.

Hinman Announces the 2019 #MyHinman Scholarship Winners
Posted: 5/20/2019

By Kim Donovan


We recently announced the winners of our 2019 #MyHinman Campaign, which awarded scholarships to students at three southeastern schools. The winners include:

·       1st Place $1,500: Student American Dental Hygienists’ Association (SADHA) -- Chattanooga State Community College

·       2nd Place $1,000: Shelby Folger -- Aiken Technical College Dental Assisting Program

·       3rd Place $500: Kiesha Jones -- Augusta Technical College Department of Dental Assisting

Planning to Exit Your Business? It Starts Now.
Posted: 4/26/2019

By William G. Lako, CFP® and Shawna L. Theriault, C.P.A., CFP®, CDFA®


You’ve worked your whole life building a business and the time has finally come—the time where you feel ready to enjoy the fruits of your labor and retire. But what happens to your business now?

Radiation Safety and Protection in Pediatric Dentistry
Posted: 3/5/2019

By Juan F. Yepes, DDS, MD, MPH, MS, DrPH ?


In comparison with adults, children are inherently at greater risk of cancer induction from radiation exposure.

Happiness is a Choice!
Posted: 2/19/2019

by Wayne Kerr, DDS, MAGD



A little stress can be beneficial as we face and overcome daily challenges, but chronic stress is destructive and adversely impacts our attitude and our lives.  High levels of cortisol can lead to headaches, anger, high blood pressure, weight-gain, depression, and loss of self-esteem.

Poached Eggs, I don’t think so…
Posted: 1/3/2019

A “poacher” is a person posing as a representative of the Hinman Meeting ready to help you make your hotel reservation. They then continue “pretending” to make the room accommodations concluding with “we need charge your credit card in full.” Only, when the attendee gets to that hotel, the reservation doesn’t exist and their money is gone. The key is to know who the official housing provider is to protect yourself. 

The One Thing That’s Killing Your Overhead—and You Don’t Even Know What It Is
Posted: 12/5/2018

by Kirk Behrendt


The profit deception zone consists of the expenses that don’t show up on a profit-and-loss statement. It’s the added little things that compound, such as debts and note payments. These things take away from profitability.

My Journey for Better Breathing and Better Sleep
Posted: 9/26/2018

by Cristi Y. Cheek, DMD


My friends and colleagues were skeptical... “How could you possibly have sleep apnea?  You’re young and thin and always so full of energy,” they said to me.  An ENT had a hard time believing it was a possibility as well...

The Difference Between Botox® and Dermal Fillers – Made Ridiculously Simple
Posted: 12/14/2017

By Gigi Meinecke, RN, BSN, DMD, FAGD


If you’re in the dark about injectables, don’t feel bad – you’re in plenty of good company.  In this post I’ll break down the differences and indications for both Botox® and fillers as well as compare and contrast the “product identities” of each.

Considering a career as a forensic odontologist?
Posted: 12/1/2017

By Dr. Anthony "Rick" Cardoza


Forensic odontology is an exciting field where dental professionals can utilize their skills and training in a field completely outside of dentistry.  Choosing a career path as a forensic odontologist or forensic dental autopsy technician (the auxiliary’s role in forensic dentistry) should not be viewed as a hobby but, in fact, a second career in addition to a primary career in the field of dentistry.  The hours can be long and the monetary return low, or even non-existent, but the personal reward and satisfaction can be great.

When You Take Social Security Starts with When You Need the Money
Posted: 11/1/2017

By William G. Lako, CFP® and Shawna L. Theriault, CFP®, C.P.A.


Regardless of how much investors save for retirement, nearly every couple has the same basic question when it comes to Social Security: When should we begin taking benefits? Many different factors play into when the best time to take benefits might be, but generally, it comes back to what your financial plan looks like and when you need your money.

Finding, Hiring, Training & Retaining Team Members - It’s a full time Job!
Posted: 11/2/2016

by: Laci L. Phillips

Our team is what makes or breaks us. Getting the right people on the bus and in the right seats is a four-step process. As you start this journey, remember, “You can always train for skill, you cannot train attitude.” Let’s take a look at the four steps.

Precious Metals…GOLD and SILVER, Hinman Style!
Posted: 12/10/2015

by Wayne Kerr, DDS, MAGD

It didn’t take me long after graduating from Emory University’s School of Dentistry in the spring of 1978 to realize that I was a really good clinician, but a really bad businessman!  

The Perfect Love Affair: The Hinman
Posted: 11/20/2015

by Tonya Lanthier, RDH

This spring at the Hinman Dental Meeting, I found myself reflecting on the many times I had attended the convention, seeing it through different eyes each time. First as a student, then as a dental professional, next an exhibitor, and this year as a speaker. This profession has given me so much joy, knowledge, and happiness at every stage of my career, and my participation in the annual Hinman Dental Meeting seems to have marked each step along the way.

A Mock-up for Altering Gingival Esthetics
Posted: 9/3/2014

By Dr. Lee Ann Brady

When we think that part of a treatment plan will include altering the gingival esthetics, one of the things we are tasked with is determining where we want the tissue to be.

It’s What You Learn, After You Know It All, That Counts!
Posted: 8/19/2014

By Mark E. Hyman, DDS, MAGD

“But that’s what we learned in dental school…”  That is a mentality that I have consciously avoided during all 29 years that I have practiced cosmetic and family dentistry in Greensboro, NC.  What I have discovered is that dental practices that embrace technological advances early are the ones leaping ahead of everyone else!  Learning from the best, I have chosen to integrate many of these innovations into my practice, and with great results!

What Makes Staff Stay?
Posted: 5/1/2014

By Wayne Kerr, DDS

Like many in our profession, I’ve had to dismiss a few “less than sterling” employees through the years, but I’ve always recognized that a stable staff sends a message to our patient family:  that your practice is a great place to work, and they can always count on seeing their favorite hygienist or other team member.
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