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Pre-Registration Information



Registration Categories & Fees

Category On or Before 2/11/21 After 2/11/21
(A) Dentist* $195 $250
(1) Dentist in 1st year of practice* $95 $125
(2) Dentist in 2nd year of practice* $145 $185
(3) Hinman Dental Society Member $0 $0
(4) Hinman Spouse $0 $0
(A4) Military Dentist $195 $195
(B) Retired Dentist** $0 $0
(B1) Retired Dentist needing CE*** $50 $50
(C) Resident $0 $0
(D) Dental Student $0 $0
(E) Dentist Spouse $0 $0
(F) Assistant $75 $85
(G) Hygienist $75 $85
(H) Office Staff $75 $85
(I) Lab Technician $125 $180
(J) Student Assistant $0 $0
(K) Student Hygienist $0 $0
(L) Student Lab Tech $0 $0
(M) Auxiliary Guest $0 $0
(N) Youth (ages 12–20) $0 $0
(Q) Guest^ $75 $75
(R) Non-Dental Healthcare Professional**** $100 $100
(T) Children (ages 0–11) $0 $0
(U) Pre-Dental $0 $0
(W) Non-ADA Dentist $195 $250
(Y) Educator $0 $0
*Dentists who are in their first year of practice may attend the meeting for a fee of $95 ($125 after 2/11/21). Dentists in their second year of practice pay $145 ($185 after 2/11/21). A copy of an ADA membership card or other credentials with the year of dental school graduation must be submitted with this form for a reduced fee when registering.

**Dentists requesting the retired dentist category with a complimentary ($0) registration fee should return this form with your mailed registration. No CE credit is earned in this category.

***Retired dentists who need to earn CE hours should register in the retired dentist with CE category and pay the $50 registration fee. Individuals requesting the retired dentist with CE category should complete this form.

****Individuals registering in the Non-Dental Healthcare Professional category should complete this form and include it with your mailed registration. 
^ Any guests, who are not dental guest or auxiliary guests, pay a $75 registration fee. Registering enables guests to visit the exhibit hall and to buy tickets for courses or special events. Continuing Education credits will not be provided for any guest categories.



Children (under the age of 12) and Youth (ages 12 – 20):

  • Must register to attend the meeting,
  • Can visit the exhibit hall, and
  • Are not permitted in lectures.

Strollers are not allowed in the Exhibit Hall. Visit attend.atlanta.net/attend/hinman to view a list of children’s activities available in Atlanta. We encourage you to bring your family and enjoy all our city has to offer!

Guest Registration

All guests must pay a $75 registration fee. Guests do not have to be accompanied by a registered attendee. Registering enables guests to visit the exhibit hall and to buy tickets for courses or special events. Guests do not receive continuing education credits.

Cancellation Policy

Cancellation requests must be postmarked by Wednesday, March 10, 2021. No refunds will be made for cancellations requested after registration opens on the first day of the meeting, Thursday, March 19, 2020. In order for the refund request to be considered, the information must be in writing and include the attendee’s name and address, and the original registration badge. All requests must be postmarked by Wednesday, March 10, 2021 and mailed to:

The Thomas P. Hinman Dental Meeting, 6840 Meadowridge Court, Alpharetta, Georgia 30005


Disability-Related Accommodations

In compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act, The Thomas P. Hinman Dental Meeting will make all reasonable efforts to accommodate persons with disabilities at the Meeting. Please submit your request no later than February 20, 2020 to Caitlyn Mckinnon at cmckinnon@hinman.org or 404-231-1663.
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