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The Hinman Dental Society, a non-profit organization, is comprised of more than 750 member dentists primarily located in metropolitan Atlanta, Georgia. Founded in 1911 by Thomas P. Hinman, the Society is dedicated to the advancement of its membership through outstanding educational and professional development opportunities, as well as promoting the high practice standards of the field of dentistry through public advocacy and outreach.
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A Message from Society President Bob O'Donnell

2016-2017: A Year of Exceeding Expectations

Wow! What a whirlwind Hinman 2017 was! Congratulations to Jane Puskas on a spectacular meeting. Eddie Pafford and I had such a great experience serving as Jane’s program chairs. As usual, the membership exceeded expectations and filled every volunteer position offered. The devotion of the membership is our “secret to success.”

What a great privilege it was to represent you at the Keynote Session to share the history of the Hinman Dental Meeting. I hope everyone learned a few facts they may not have known before. I know that Jane felt your overwhelming support, as I did, with a packed auditorium for the opening keynote. Dr. Sanjay Gupta was just the right choice for our meeting. We could not have found anyone more local. He walked from CNN and then back when he was through.

Thanks also, to all the members who brought staff to the January membership meeting. Dr. Uche Odiatu has to be the most fit and energetic dentist I know! I hope everyone is including some of his advice into their daily routine. The Georgia Aquarium never fails to impress.

Thanks to Dr. Sedgie Newsom for serving as program chair, and Drs. Matt Mazzawi and Patrick Yancey IV for heading up the Hospitality Committee. They did a great job in the first year of our new attendance requirement. The other society chair that put in an amazing amount of hours is Dr. Roy McDonald. Roy had the daunting task of chairing the advertising task force. With feedback from the membership, this task force will continue its work this summer to finalize the details.

I will end my year as your president with our Annual Meeting at Atlantis, Paradise Island in the Bahamas. This is a special trip to celebrate the 105th year of the Hinman Dental Society. Dr. David Marion is heading a capable committee to make our island adventure a memorable one.

Please remember to thank the Hinman Board of Trustees for all of the guidance and financial support they provide us. They supplement the membership meeting fees, parking and the annual meeting to reward our work at the March meeting.

The Hinman professional staff has been great to me and helps all of us look so good. My heartfelt thanks go out to each of them. They truly are the best!

Thanks to all of you for helping in so many ways. It has been my honor to represent you, and I hope I have exceeded your expectations. I have made every effort to meet and speak to all of you, and I will continue to do so in the future.

See you in Atlantis!
- Bob

January, 2017 Preview Review Newsletter
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