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The Hinman Dental Society, a non-profit organization, is comprised of more than 750 member dentists primarily located in metropolitan Atlanta, Georgia. Founded in 1911 by Thomas P. Hinman, the Society is dedicated to the advancement of its membership through outstanding educational and professional development opportunities, as well as promoting the high practice standards of the field of dentistry through public advocacy and outreach.

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A Message from Society President Kate Robinson


Interrupted by Irma!

Is it too corny to say that our September membership meeting featuring Dr. Jay Smith was “Gone with the Wind”? As Hurricane Irma drew closer to Atlanta, it became apparent that the safest course, albeit a disappointing one, was to cancel in the interest of all concerned. Although this lecture will probably not be rescheduled due to various time constraints and other factors, I sincerely hope, and we will certainly try, to have Dr. Smith speak to us in the near future.


I don’t think I need to remind you that being a Hinman member has many direct benefits for you and indirect benefits for your patients, team members and families. Where else can you get three hours of top-notch CE at a comfortable venue, cocktails and a delicious dinner with your best Hinman buddies, including parking, for a mere $70? The actual cost is $140 per person, but thanks to subsidies  from our generous Trustees, chaired by Dan Dunwody, we can take advantage of all of these perks for a fraction of the cost. With our dental license renewal approaching at the end of the year, be sure to register quickly for our next membership meeting. The price does increase as the event date approaches, so don’t delay signing up for our next meeting which will be on Thursday, November 9th at
the Ritz-Carlton in Buckhead. We’ll hear Dr. Jeff Pafford speak on CBCT applications in endodontics, an emerging topic of interest to us all. Of course, we also offer wonderful CE for the entire dental team, so be sure to sign your team up for our January 18th meeting at the Georgia Aquarium featuring Mr. Steve Anderson.

Steve is one of the most dynamic speakers I’ve ever heard and I’m excited to have him share his considerable knowledge with us.


October brings the ADA annual meeting to the city of Atlanta. A contingent of scouts and officers from our society, along with members of our executive staff, will be
there to scout speakers for our own future meetings and to see what our national dental organization is offering to their attendees this year. In November, the University

of Tennessee School of Dentistry will host the Hinman Dental Symposium, and I have the honor of representing our society to student clinicians from almost every dental school in the country. Over the course of the weekend with these scholars, I will inform them of not only the history of the Hinman Society and Dr. Hinman himself, but

also to make them aware of our mission of providing high quality CE and scholarships. I’ve heard great things about this symposium for years, and it will be so gratifying to see the mission of our society in action.

As we travel across the country to other dental meetings, we hear time and time again about how the Thomas P. Hinman Dental Meeting is one of the most respected
in the world. What makes that undeniably true is YOU. The dedicated volunteerism of our membership is at the core of what makes our meeting run like the well-oiled
machine it is. Our General Chairman, Pat Yancey, along with his Program Chairs, Max Ferguson and Brad Greenway, are counting on each and every member’s support for
2018 - “Experience Hinman: Invest in Your Future”. Let’s all support Pat and his team in every way possible to create another Best Hinman Ever!


If you haven’t signed up for a committee for our March meeting yet, please call the Hinman office. Not only will this fulfil one of your requirements for membership, but it
will entitle you to an invitation to the General Chairman and President’s Reception during the March meeting and one night’s stay during our annual meeting at Wild Dunes
in June. As Dr. Hinman said, “No (one’s) body or brain is efficient unless it is given recreation”, so let’s all plan on becoming more efficient by having fun with our families
and Hinman friends at the annual meeting!

Warm regards

- Kate


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