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The Millennial Dentists Take a Road Trip to Hinman
Posted: 4/17/2017

Two of the "Millennial Dentists", Dr. Sully & Dr. Peyray, took a road trip from Nashville to Atlanta for Hinman 2017 and discuss their experience at a major dental meeting. 

"We actually did a neat video for Hinman on why Peyman and I are passionate about going to these large dental meetings! We love digital learning like the rest of you, but it doesn’t replace these meetings! Check it out first so you see what these episodes are all about. We went around to different vendors that we thought were interesting and got them on the podcast. We wanted those who couldn’t attend to hear about some of the new companies out there as well as their take on different aspects of dentistry." says Dr. Sully. 

Take a few minutes to hear their opinion on adding large, in-person meetings to your CE mix every might be surprised by some of their thoughts on big meetings and what it means for your staff to attend as well. 

They may be millennials but they offer a point of view that all dentists can relate to at any stage in their career. More on their podcast and mission here.

Watch the YouTube video. 

Listen to the podcast. 

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