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Hinman Announces the #myhinman Scholarship Winners
Posted: 5/23/2017

We launched the #MyHinman campaign in the fall of 2016 to raise scholarship funds for three deserving students. Hinman asked participants to post a short video or a photo using the hashtag #MyHinman on social media and share things such as:  why you look forward to coming to Hinman each year, how many years you’ve been attending, a favorite memory from a past Hinman and/or what makes Hinman different from other dental meetings.

Participants could even share the #MyHinman YouTube video with the hashtag if they were unable to make their own video. 

With each video or photo posted, Hinman donated to a scholarship bank.  Hinman Housing Powered by EventSphere, Hinman's official housing provider, committed to matching donations to help increase the scholarship amount awarded to the three winners and together we raised $3,000!
“The #MyHinman campaign is a creative way to celebrate the reasons we all love and value the Hinman experience,” said Dr. Jane Puskas, General Chairman of the 2017 Thomas P. Hinman Dental Meeting. “And, at the same time, raise money for three additional student scholarships.”
Participants were invited visit to vote on which school should receive the scholarships and then each winning school selected the student to receive the scholarship.

Here are the winners:

1st Place $1,500 (with 49 votes): Santa Fe College Dental Hygiene -  Crystal Diaz

2nd Place $1,000 (with 16 votes): Augusta Technical College Dental Assisting - Marisa Appling

3rd Place $500 (with 14 votes): Dental College of GA at Augusta University - Franklin Perlis

We caught up with the #MyHinman scholarship winners to find out more about their plans for the scholarship and what they have been up to since Hinman.

Q. Why did you decide to go into dentistry/dental hygiene/dental assisting?

Crystal: As a former interior design graduate from the University of Florida, I wanted a job away from the desk where I also had direct client contact. Dental hygiene was always a consideration of mine. I finally had the time in my life to go back to school and become a CRDH.

Marisa: I decided to become a dental assistant because I wanted to be able to educate others on how to properly take care of their teeth.

Franklin: Like most dental students, I wanted to find a profession that is both challenging and rewarding and provides the ability to make an impact in patient's health and lives.

Q. What are your plans after graduation?

Crystal: I am in search of a career in a rewarding CRDH position and to provide quality oral hygiene care to my community.

Marisa:  I plan to take the DANB and hopefully I'll be employed prior to graduation.

Franklin: I am still considering several residences but ultimately my plan is to return to South Georgia and find a mentor dentist that is seeking an associate to teach and groom for lifetime of private practice dentistry.

Q. Did you take any courses or go to any special events for students while at Hinman this March?

Crystal: I attended several courses during my time at Hinman. I was able to meet with professionals and enhance my hygiene education through lectures. In between the courses, I visited the exhibit hall which was exciting and informative. I also attended the Hinman’s Night Out party. It was a great time to mingle with my friends and future colleagues!

Marisa:  I attended Amber Riley’s course,  “Beyond the Tag and Bag: Forensic Dentistry Beyond the Morgue Walls” and learned a lot about the law in dentistry and also how they identify a missing person's by tooth fragments.

Franklin: I was at Hinman’s Night Out at the aquarium. I am sure it goes without saying that everyone enjoys this event. It offers a rare and rewarding opportunity to interact with former hometown mentors, current instructors and potential future employers at a single event.

Q. Do you feel it is important to attend in-person dental meetings vs taking all online courses for CE?

Crystal: Yes, I believe it is important for professionals to attend in-person meetings. It allows professionals to break away from their day-to-day routine, meet others, network, and learn more about current or new products/integrations for their practice.

Marisa: I do believe it is important to attend meetings like Hinman. These meetings help you stay motivated and it also opens your eyes to the many opportunities and possibilities that are out there in dentistry.

Franklin: Of course! I cannot think of a better way to connect every dimension of the dental profession in one location and provide an environment conducive to learning, networking and of course socializing.  Dentistry is an ever-changing profession and dental meetings, such as Hinman, are excellent opportunities to stay current and continue to refine skills.

Q. How did you feel when you learned you were the #myhinman scholarship winner from you school?

Crystal: I felt very honored to be selected. I was very dedicated to my coursework, patients, and personal agenda. I enjoyed learning from faculty, peers, and patients during each clinical experience!

Marisa: When I heard I was the #myhinman scholar I cried. I was overwhelmed with excitement. I couldn't believe it! I was so happy.

Franklin: Excited and appreciative! The Dental College of Georgia and Hinman have a long-standing relationship and I know I speak for every student at my school when I say thank you for all of the support and scholarships that Hinman provides.

Q. Do you have any special plans for how to use the scholarship funds?

Crystal: After my graduation from hygiene school, I went on my first medical mission trip to Nicaragua. The experience allowed me to help the team provide needed medical aid, medicine, oral hygiene aids, and compassion to five underserved communities within Nicaragua. The funds from this scholarship will allow me to quickly pay off my trip expenses and take enough time to figure out where I would like to start my career in Gainesville, FL.

Marisa: I don't have any special plans for the money, so I'll put half in savings and the other half in an IRA.

Franklin: As a dental student, any money is appreciated and useful. I wish I could say there were exciting plans for the funds but the honest truth is it will be used to help offset some of the expenses incurred from dental school.

The #myhinman campaign will return for Hinman 2018 with additional scholarships being awarded after the meeting, March 22-24, 2018. 

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