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Hear it from the Makers
Posted: 8/9/2016

Interested in taking a quick but deep dive on some of the newest products in dentistry? One of the most valuable aspects of attending a dental meeting is seeing, learning about and touching the newest products available.

Last March, the Hinman Dental Meeting provided 17 companies the opportunity to give an in-person overview of one of their newest products during a course called “Dental and Hygiene New Product Forum”. These companies each gave 10 minute presentations that were recorded and are available for you on our YouTube Channel.

Check them all out here on our playlist or individually by clicking on the company name below. 

21st Century Dentistry    

Anutra Medical     

Black Diamond Radio (Custom Earpiece)  

Cool Jaw/Medico International, Inc.   

Convergent Dental     


Crest Oral-B       

Crosstex International     

The Jaw Dropper     

Lending Club Patient Solutions    

Nanova Biomaterials, Inc.   

OralID (a division of Forward Science)  

Panthera Dentistry     


Sikka Software      

VOCO America     

Water Pik, Inc.      

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