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Finding, Hiring, Training & Retaining Team Members - It’s a full time Job!
Posted: 11/2/2016

We can have the best product in the world. It can be fancy, shiny, work perfectly and fill a need. But if we don’t have the right people on board, that product will never matter. Our team is what makes or breaks us. Getting the right people on the bus and in the right seats is a four-step process. As you start this journey, remember, “You can always train for skill, you cannot train attitude.” Let’s take a look at the four steps.

Step #1-Finding the Right Person
This first step might be the hardest one. Where do you look? How do you look? What are you really looking for? Make a list of what you are searching for; make sure you have a job description with clearly defined responsibilities and expectations. Great applicants will ask you what you are seeking in an employee. A great applicant is not just searching for a job.

Next, think outside the box. Step outside of your industry. Look to great companies or industries that are customer-service oriented. Ask around to family members and friends about high quality performers. Social media is an effective tool. LinkedIn is the obvious choice. You can be very detailed in what you are looking for and make sure you check for messages often during the day. The next choices in social media are Facebook and Twitter. It is best to be less descriptive on these sites and ask applicants to message you rather than post a comment.

Once you have people contacting you, it’s time to prepare for your interviews. Know what questions you will ask and what answers you are seeking. Research and ask creative questions that will make the applicants think on their feet, which will also give you a better idea of their true personalities. Allow your team to meet your top three to five applicants; perhaps allow them to take the top candidates to lunch. And once you have this list narrowed down, it is a good idea to ask the applicants to take a communication or personality profile to ensure they will fit in with the rest of your team. And don’t forget to check past employment and references.

Step #2-Hiring the Right Person
Prepare your offer, make sure all components are available and in writing, and review the offer in person if possible. Prepare an on-boarding document that will describe the first four to six weeks of employment in your office. This document should include HR information, training information and dates of any team events you have planned. Ask what questions you can answer for the new team member. Ensure that both you and the new employee sign the document and that each of you has a copy.

Step #3-Training the Right Person
This step must be repeated daily, weekly, monthly and then yearly! There is no such thing as too much training and you want to enable these new, qualified, excited team members a chance to love what they do.  Offer webinars, online training, books, and hands-on instruction. Ensuring that new team member has up-to-date CE’s. Attending local or national meetings will put your team ahead of the average office down the street. Do a little research to find the meeting and the speaker that is right for you and your team. Some of the best conferences in the world might just be in your back yard. Make sure you have a training program in place, that it is detailed and that you and the team member sign off on each phase of the training.

Step #4-Retaining the Right Team Member
It’s true that it costs you 38% of a team member’s salary to replace that person. If you have the right team on the bus and in the right seats, it’s now your job to keep them happy. Remember, your people will make or break you.

Hiring is a process and one that should have well laid out plans. Don’t let yourself get down or frustrated. Do it right the first time so you don’t have to continually replace your team members. Remember to have a plan when searching for your new employees. Hire with confidence, be organized, and train them continuously. If you are organized in those first three steps, the fourth step will happen naturally.

Here’s to a successful employee hunt!


Article submitted by Laci L. Phillips, founding partner of Practice Dynamics, specializing in coaching teams to reach their goals through balance driven success using systems, teams and technology. Laci is a frequent speaker and returns to the 2017 Hinman Dental Meeting March 23-25!

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