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Better Together - The Lab Learning Experience
Posted: 11/21/2016

From early on in my career, I was taught that if I ever wanted to be a master dental technician, I needed to know the same things as my dentist so I could understand how to be a valuable team member in the treatment process. I learned that dentists also need to understand the laboratory processes so they can deliver to the technician everything they need to achieve the best restorations possible for our patients. 

I cannot express how exciting it has been for me to see the Hinman Dental Meeting reach out to the laboratory profession to share and learn alongside dentists. 

For the third year, Hinman has partnered with laboratory speakers so that they can share their results using new techniques and materials.

New this year, Hinman has created “The Learning Lab Co-Op” for dentists, laboratory technicians and staff on the exhibit hall floor. It will be open all three days of the meeting, March 23-25, and there will be laboratory-specific exhibitors as well as free CE each day.

Join us to learn:

  • How to digitally communicate color between the lab and your practice
  • Effectively repair and maintain your patients’ removable appliances
  • Digitally plan guided surgery to create more predictable implant restorations
  • Understand how to work with dental technicians to deliver great results for your patients
  • Market your successes using photography


Back by popular demand, the “Lab Day” course returns on Saturday from 8:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. The speakers are coming to share their expertise and will bring a deep understanding of their chosen topic.

The course begins with Joshua Polansky. He will share his photography skills as well as his clinical skills in delivering complex dental restoration for simple day-to-day dentistry. Joshua has traveled the world learning from the best and has taught hundreds of courses around the globe. If you desire improvement in your restorative skills, it is a must-see learning experience.

Next up is Brian Carson.  As a prosthetic technician, he has knowledge of removable prosthetics, hybrids, full prosthetics, and even how to maintain and repair these restorations. We all need to know these skills for our patients. 

Then, Skip Carpenter takes the stage. Skip will discuss topics crucial to our day-to-day communications, as well as protocols necessary to create the Esthetic Handshake at a distance.  Using Facial Analysis, Smile Design in 3-D, and digital communication, he will show how to predictably deviate from the temporaries using facial photography and function as one’s guide.  Most importantly, Skip will show predictable changes after the try-in that will create lifelike effects serving esthetics and function.

Finally, we hear from Al Hodges. Using digital photography, he will demonstrate how we can produce the best visual images to market our services to our patients, to increase learning and participation for the dental team, to improve our technical skills, and, most importantly, to provide the communication for the restorative team to create beautiful and successful dentistry.

By offering both the Learning Lab Co-Op on the exhibit hall floor, and by bringing back the Lab Day track, Hinman has created one of the best environments possible to achieve success in restorative dentistry. Almost any challenge we face as a restorative team can be traced back to lack of communication or knowledge. By bringing us all together to learn from one another, everyone benefits, including and most importantly, our patients.

Terry Fohey, CDT, is a past president of the Georgia Dental Lab Association, former board member of the Southeastern Conference of Dental Laboratories and the founder of NuCraft Dental Arts and The Dental A.R.T.S. Center.  He has been involved in dental education, written for various dental publications and most importantly, has created a thriving dental business. Terry is also a speaker at Hinman 2017.

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