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2024 Speakers
Ms. Judy Mausolf Culture Liberty Hill, TX

  • Owner, Practice Solutions Inc
  • Director of Sponsoring Partners, Speaking Consulting Network
  • Member, SCN, ADMC, NSA-MN and NSA

Thursday Courses
Th6015 - Delivering W.O.W. Service! People Will Forget Everything Except How You Made Them Feel
Time: 8:30 - 11 AM
Room: GWCC, A312
Type: Lectures    Handouts: Yes
Dentist Fee: $95.00  Other Fee: $65.00
AGD Code: 550

Practices that build their office environment around serving the patient own and dominate the market. Customer service is often confusing, complex, and vague! Set yourself apart from your colleagues: differentiate why it should be you and your office and not the office down the street! Learn principles for strengthening communication skills, practice brand and service standards. Illuminate the patient decision-making processes to create lasting impressions and exceptional experiences. Inspire the entire team to deliver W.O.W. service with focus and passion!

Th6027 - Communication Solutions: Attitudes, Breakdowns, and Conflict Resolutions
Time: 12 - 2:30 PM
Room: GWCC, A312
Type: Lectures    Handouts: Yes
Dentist Fee: $95.00  Other Fee: $65.00
AGD Code: 550

Discover how to elevate your communication to a level that inspires positive attitudes, prevents breakdowns, and resolves conflict to take your relationships from good to great! Learn skills to communicate positively and effectively with different and even difficult personalities. Create an environment where everyone looks forward to coming into the office, which ultimately results in growing your business. Inspire a culture of appreciation and acknowledgment. Communications expert Judy Mausolf will show you how!

Friday Courses
Fr6049 - Business Office All-Day Track
Time: 8 AM - 3:30 PM
Room: GWCC, A305
Type: Lectures    Handouts: Yes
Dentist Fee: $180.00  Other Fee: $110.00
AGD Code: 550

Laci Phillips Newland | 8 - 9 a.m. |Elevating Dental Excellence: Mastering Image & Professionalism
Creating a positive and professional image can help build trust with patients, improve the overall patient experience, and contribute to the long-term success of the practice. Attention to details, from appearance to communication and the physical environment, can make a significant difference in how patients perceive the quality of care they receive. Get ready to elevate your practice and have some fun!


Judy Mausolf | 9 - 10 a.m. |We Team - How to Build an Aligned and Cohesive Leadership Team!

Everything begins and ends with leadership. It is what leaders do, don’t do, or allow in their culture that defines the practice culture. The more leaders the more difficult it becomes to create and sustain a consistent message.  Learn how to build an aligned and cohesive leadership team!


Dr. Gary Dougan | 10 - 11 a.m. | ADA's CDT Codes: Coding Won't Kill You

Dental codes change every year. Many practices miss billing and reporting opportunities to properly describe the services they are providing. Learn new and recent codes, how to use them properly in the practice for improved claims success and which codes are being scrutinized and why. Eliminate common code mistakes that interfere with being paid. 

Lunch is on your own from 11 am – 12:30 pm.


Kevin Henry | 12:30 - 1:30 p.m. |Leadership and Conflict Resolution in Today's Dental Practice
Everyone in the practice serves a vital role in the success of the practice and the comfort level of your patients. We'll focus on how everyone can be a better leader and communicator, both within the team and with everyone who walks through your doors. Through this interactive lecture, we'll uncover hidden leadership skills and personality traits that can make the day better and the team closer.

Carrie Webber | 1:30 - 2:30 p.m. |Can You Hear Me Now?  Telephone Skills That Cut Through the Noise
How do we cut through noise, distractions & objections to build the bridge from telephone calls to scheduled & kept appointments? Dive into verbal skills, common obstacles & proactive steps that help you schedule these potential patients and see success in keeping appointments!

Dr. Mark Hyman | 2:30 - 3:30 p.m. | Building a Great High-Performance Team
What is it that differentiates the top practices from the average? What is their Secret Sauce? That formula that leads to extraordinary production, collection, overhead control, team retention, and FUN! Laugh and learn as we reveal the formula, discuss action steps today, and see your team re-engage and thrive today!

Fr6069 - Leave Your C.R.A.P. at The Door! Improve Team Relationships, Prevent Burnout, and Team Turnover!
Time: 11 AM - 1 PM
Room: GWCC, A312
Type: Lectures    Handouts: Yes
Dentist Fee: $95.00  Other Fee: $65.00
AGD Code: 550

Do you feel exhausted and frustrated with constant drama, tension and negative attitudes in your workplace? Are you struggling with team burnout and turnover? Are you disappointed and disheartened by toxic behaviors and don’t know how to make them stop? We will identify ways you can have a happier, more cohesive, higher performing team. It may sound like a fantasy, but trust me, it’s real. Recognize how to develop a team that is engaged, cohesive and equipped.

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