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2024 Speakers
Dr. Mitchell Gardiner Dental Malpractice Shrewsbury, NJ

  • Private practice
  • Assistant Clinical Professor, Fixed Prosthodontics and Restorative Dentistry at the Rutgers School of Dental Medicine
  • Senior Attending Dentist, Riverview Hospital Medical Center

Thursday Courses
Th7009 - Teach Your Dental Team How to Defend You From Malpractice
Time: 12 - 3 PM
Room: GWCC, A411
Type: Lectures    Handouts: Yes
Dentist Fee: $0.00  Other Fee: $0.00
AGD Code: 550

Clinical documentation is the gold standard in malpractice defense. Teaching a dental team how to meet accepted standards of dental care and having it documented is critical. This program will teach every member of the team important roles that they all play in making an office the best practice it can be for providing high-quality dentistry while protecting the dentist from malpractice liability. Participants will understand what needs to be included in clinical documentation to protect practices from a lawsuit.

Friday Courses
Fr6074 - What Are Dentists Being Sued For - 2024
Time: 1 - 3:30 PM
Room: GWCC, A303
Type: Lectures    Handouts: Yes
Dentist Fee: $95.00  Other Fee: $65.00
AGD Code: 550

Understand where and why we are in court! It is imperative that dentists stay up to date on the changing standards of care that affect clinical dentistry today. We will discuss a wide array of topics including medical history/medical clearance, root canals, oral cancer screening, opioids and pain management, informed consent for procedures and drugs, prophylactic antibiotic protocols and antibiotic usage.

Saturday Courses
Sa6116 - The Periodontal Ligament Injection for Mandibular Local Anesthesia: Say Goodbye to the Mandibular Block for Most of Your Restorative Dentistry
Time: 9:30 - 11:30 AM
Room: Omni, Hazelnut
Type: Lectures    Handouts: No
Dentist Fee: $95.00  Other Fee: $65.00
AGD Code: 340

You can give an incredibly comfortable and effective local anesthetic injection for most mandibular restorative treatments. Learn what armamentarium and local anesthetic is required for this low pain injection and the many restorative procedures that can be performed with no patient discomfort. Identify the advantages of using the periodontal ligament injection for your restorative dentistry.

Sa7046 - Without Medical History and Informed Consent: You are SO LIABLE!
Time: 12:30 - 3:30 PM
Room: Omni, Grand Ballroom A-D1
Type: Lectures    Handouts: Yes
Dentist Fee: $0.00  Other Fee: $0.00
AGD Code: 550

Do you obtain honest and complete medical histories from your patients? Really? Do you have valid informed consent discussions with your patients? Do you document them properly so they would stand up in a court of law? We will discuss how important both of these aspects of dental practice are to your patients' well-being and to yours! You would be wise to spend 3 hours with Dr. Mitchell Gardiner and learn before it is too late. Do not find yourself liable!

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