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The Hinman Dental Society, a non-profit organization, is comprised of more than 750 member dentists primarily located in metropolitan Atlanta, Georgia. Founded in 1911 by Thomas P. Hinman, the Society is dedicated to the advancement of its membership through outstanding educational and professional development opportunities, as well as promoting the high practice standards of the field of dentistry through public advocacy and outreach.
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A Message from Society President Bob O'Donnell

A Busy Fall with Hinman!

As I write this note, I am flying home with Cheryl and our two daughters Kathleen and Ryan. We’ve just taken off from Kennedy Airport in New York at the end of Thanksgiving weekend. This is the first time the four of us have been on our own for a major holiday. We spent the past week touring Ireland together to celebrate our 20th wedding anniversary.

We spent yesterday in Dublin and had the chance to stop by Trinity College Dental School & Hospital. The facility is modern and completely up to date, with state-ofthe- art clinics and pre-clinical simulation labs. Our tour guide told us that the majority of dental school graduates move to Australia to practice dentistry because of Ireland’s limited job opportunities and state-controlled fee structures. This issue is something to think about.

After my visit to Denver for the ADA, Cheryl and I both flew to Memphis to represent Hinman at the University of Tennessee’s 22nd annual Hinman Student Research Symposium. We were treated just like Hinman treats our Featured Clinicians and we loved it! I had the opportunity to speak to the 4th year students at UT in a lunch-and-learn format. Later, I spoke with another ninety 2nd, 3rd and 4th year students from the United States and Canada. The university is so very thankful for our sponsorship. We look forward to hosting four dental students in Atlanta for the March 2017 Meeting. If you should cross paths with one of these students, please take some time to get to know them and show them our Hinman southern hospitality. These students will convince you that the future of dentistry is bright.

Thanks to all who attended Dr. Jason Olitsky’s lecture in November. We had close to 300 register for this meeting. I hope he inspired you to take more photos and present more treatment.

Special thanks to Dr. Roy McDonald and the task force on Advertising Guidelines. Roy has spent countless hours working to clarify and rewrite the previously vague bylaws. Please know that the topic of ethics and advertising has been discussed in the Executive Council for years, and the changes brought to the general membership are only in the interest of maintaining high ethical standards. All Hinman members can advertise on any medium in an informational way.
Thanks to Membership Program Chair Dr. Sedgie Newsom for planning our next meeting. We will be back at the Georgia Aquarium for a health and wellness lecture, presented by Dr. Uche Odiatu. This program should be great for dentists and a real treat for office staff. We hope to see you there.

Committee assignments and meetings will be in full swing over the next few weeks. Please make sure you have an assignment, and call the Hinman office if you have any questions about your duties and/or where you might be needed.

Dr. Jane Puskas has a fabulous program planned for our 105th meeting in March. Eddie Pafford nd I have had the pleasure oftraveling with and working alongside Jane for the past three years. Not only will Jane be remembered as Hinman’s first woman General Chairman, but I believe she will be remembered as one of Hinman’s best General Chairmen. Congratulations Jane!

As we get closer to March, let’s take some time to show our appreciation to the Hinman staff. We really do have a spectacular team supporting us! They work so very hard to make all of us look good. Let’s also commit ourselves to providing whatever might be necessary to ensure the uccess of the meeting. Because of YOU, Hinman thrives! Thank you for your support and commitment!

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!
- Bob

January, 2017 Preview Review Newsletter
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