Speaker Information

Dr. DeWitt Wilkerson
St. Petersburg, FL
Integrative Dentistry, TMD, Occlusion

Vr620 - Unraveling the Mystery of TMD
Date/Time: 4/6/2022  
Type: Virtual   Handouts: No
Dentist Fee: $25.00  Other Fee: $25.00
Audience: Dentists, Hygienists, Assistants, Office Staff, Lab techs, Spouses, Students
AGD Code: 180

“TMD” is a basket syndrome - not a diagnosis. To understand the underlying causes of various TMD signs and symptoms requires the clinician to:

1. understand the anatomy of the TM Joint

2. understand the dynamics of masticatory system disharmony

3. understand diagnostic options 

4. understand treatment options

This presentation will address these four topics, with the learning objectives that each attendee will better understand TMD problems as they present through their patients in the future. 


Course available: 4/11/22


Course expires: 5/31/22