Speaker Information

Dr. Parag Kachalia
San Ramon, CA
Restorative and Technology/CAD-CAM

Vr615 - Overview of New Technologies with a Clear ROI
Type: Virtual   Handouts: No
In-Person Attendee Fee: $35.00  Virtual Attendee Fee: $50.00
Audience: Dentists
AGD Code: 149

Take a look at current advances that will truly elevate the average general practice. The focus of this presentation will concentrate on technologies and materials that will improve efficiency, delivery of care, patient experience, and/or practice management. Furthermore, the bulk of the program will look at advances that require an investment of $5,000 or less, yet generate a measurable return on investment.  Artificial Intelligence, Digital Design Software, 3D Printing, innovations in biofilm reduction, as well as many other advances will be covered in this presentation.  


Technology Recommendations

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Close all other applications and programs on your device
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Optimal viewing is on a computer or tablet
A minimum 5MB connection is recommendation, but please note that a 15-20MB connection is optimal
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Date Available: January 2023

Date Reviewed: March 1, 2023

Date Removed: May 31, 2023