Speaker Information

Dr. Susan Maples
Holt, MI
Total Health Dentistry

Vr613 - Dropping Acid
Date/Time: 4/6/2022  
Type: Virtual   Handouts: No
Dentist Fee: $25.00  Other Fee: $25.00
Audience: Dentists, Hygienists, Assistants, Office Staff, Lab techs, Spouses, Students
AGD Code: 730

Have you ever wondered what the skyrocketing trends of Caries Disease, Osteoporosis, Kidney Stones, Acid Reflux and Oral Pharyngeal Cancer have in common?  You guessed it, in today’s world, our bodies are entirely pH-challenged. In this fast-paced and fact-filled hour, Dr. Maples will show you the root cause of our acid imbalance, it’s negative impact on the body and very best prevention and treatment strategies your office can offer.


Learning Objectives:

·       To identify the multiple early-aging outcomes caused by your overly acidic body

·       To discover the multiple sources of acid intake and production in your body

·       How to prevent acidosis by alkalinizing your diet (food and beverage), improving your sleep, identifying, and respecting your food

        sensitivities and addressing key nutrient deficiencies

·       Our up-to-date understanding of acid erosion, Caries Disease, and mucosal inflammation in the oral cavity

·       More about multi-modality treatment strategies for oral disease related to intermittent oral pH imbalances



Course available: 4/11/22

Course expires: 5/31/22