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Course: Staffing: Aim Right to Hire Right (March Virtual) - Hinman.org

Speaker Information

Ms. Carol Paige
Dahlonega, GA
Dental Practice Management/Leadership

Vr603 - Staffing: Aim Right to Hire Right (March Virtual)
Date/Time: 3/8/2022   12:00 PM - 1:00 PM
Type: Virtual   Handouts: No
Dentist Fee: $0.00  Other Fee: $0.00
Audience: Dentists, Hygienists, Assistants, Office Staff, Lab techs, Spouses, Students
Practice Management

The right talent is available for hire, at the right price point, to work your hours, perform your job description, and contribute to the growth, happiness, and profitability of your practice. However, to find and secure these team players, the skilled dental leader must understand, accept, and strategically overcome unprecedented candidate pool challenges. If you are short-staffed, employing staff you would not re-hire, or believe you could be shopping for a team member soon, this presentation is designed for you. Learn how market conditions have impacted the personnel pool, how to recognize the traits of a high performer, and three key concepts that distinguish if your new hire will quickly fail or succeed.