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Course: Successful Management of Acute Dental Pain - Hinman.org

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Dr. Kenneth Hargreaves
San Antonio, TX

Successful Management of Acute Dental Pain

This evidence-based course is designed to provide effective and practical strategies for managing acute dental pain emergencies.  It will start with an overview of the opioid mis-use syndrome, its origins and strategies to mitigate its spread.  The latest information on NSAIDS, acetaminophen-containing analgesics and local anesthetics will be provided with the objective of having immediate application to your next patient emergency.  Want to know how to anesthetize that hot tooth?  How to predictably manage severe acute pain after surgical or endodontic treatments?  How to combine common medications to improve analgesia?  This course will answer these practical tips and more using a lecture style that emphasizes interactions with the audience in answering  common pain problems with useful solutions.



At the completion of this course, the practitioner should be able to:

Describe risk factors and mitigation strategies for opioid mis-use syndrome
Describe a fast and efficient routine for managing dental pain emergency patients
Select the best combination of analgesics to manage dental pain
Provide effective local anesthesia to the classic “hot” molar case

Course: VSa329
Date/Time: 3/13/2021   10:30 AM - 11:30 AM
Type: Virtual
Audience: Dentists

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