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Ms. Katrina Sanders
Phoenix, AZ
Dental Hygiene
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  • Periodontal Hygienist, Clinical Liaison, Hygiene Excellence & Innovation AZPerio
  • Level I Sommelier 
  • Editorial Board: Dental Academy of CE, Dental Products Report, RDH Magazine, Inside Dental Hygiene

Th6024 - The 411 on D4346: An Interactive Program on Oral Inflammation
Date/Time: 3/21/2024   9:30 - 11 a.m.
Type: Lectures   Handouts: Yes
Dentist Fee: $45.00  Other Fee: $45.00
Audience: Dentists, Hygienists
Oral Systemic Health
AGD Code: 490

Gingivitis cases are rising in the US, but the "old normal" preventive D1110 code is still the one most commonly used. During this interactive program on how to use the D4346 code to address active gingivitis, we will identify key indicators of reversible and irreversible gum disease, curate transitional procedures that move patients to advanced treatment, and develop verbiage to best explain inflammation, infection, and the oral-systemic link. 


Note: It is recommended you take "Clinical Assessments for Disease" (Online Course On8000) prior to taking this course.