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Course: Navigating Endodontics: Diagnosis, Anesthesia, Access, Instrumentation Advancements - Hinman.org

Speaker Information

Dr. John Olmsted
Summerfield, NC

Th375 - Navigating Endodontics: Diagnosis, Anesthesia, Access, Instrumentation Advancements
Date/Time: 3/17/2022   8:30 AM - 11:30 AM
Type: General   Handouts: No
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Audience: Dentists
Diagnosis/Treatment Planning for Success

Which tooth is it? How do I get the patient numb? Which filesystem should I use? Technological advances will allow you to provide efficient and excellent endodontic care for your patients. This evidence-based lecture presentation will allow you to separate the facts from the fiction with diagnosis and treatment planning; anesthesia, access, isolation; recent improvements in the delivery of irrigation solutions that have enhanced the reduction of bacteria and debris in the root canal system; and the instrumentation phase of endodontic treatment with locating the canal orifices, negotiating the canals, opening the orifice, reconfirming working length, and utilizing "cutting edge" rotary/reciprocation instruments. 

1.      List 15 steps of diagnosis emphasizing medical/dental history, radiographs.

2.      Outline the progression of local anesthetics, access, and isolation.

3.      Describe the steps of rotary/reciprocation instrumentation.