Speaker Information

Dr. Nader Sharifi
Chicago, IL
Removable Prosthodontic Solutions

Uppers are From Mars, Lowers are From Venus: Clarifying Overdentures

When treatment planning for a completely edentulous arch, restorative dentists have four available options. These four options are complete denture, implant retained overdenture, implant
supported overdenture and an implant retained fixed bridge. Complete dentures and implant retained fixed bridges are well understood but the two intermediate options are confusing. Clarify
the differences between the implant retained overdenture and the implant supported overdenture, and see clear indications for each option for, both, the upper and lower arches. Clarification of the
overdenture answers one question but poses another - how does attachment selection impact overdenture fabrication? Learn to simplify attachment selection for overdenture therapy.

Course: Th228
Date/Time: 3/23/2017   12:30 PM
Type: Registered
Audience: Assistants, Dentists, Hygienists, Lab techs, Office Staff, Spouses, Students
Dentist Fee: $35.00
Other Fee: $35.00
Room: GWCC, A303