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Course: A Partial Course on Partial Dentures - Hinman.org

Speaker Information

Dr. Nader Sharifi
Chicago, IL
Removable Prosthodontics

A Partial Course on Partial Dentures

Learn every nuance regarding the planning, fabrication and delivery of removable partial dentures. Review conventional RPDs, rotational-path designs, attachment RPDs and even implant-assisted RPDs. Improve every aspect of removable prosthodontics for your practice. Discover state-of-the-art procedures for impression making to ensure simple, easy results in a clinical setting for conventional RPDs as well as the most complex attachment or implant-assisted RPD envisioned. Simplify partial denture framework designs with basic rules that you can always apply.

Course: Th216
Date/Time: 3/21/2019   9:00 AM - 12:00 PM
Type: Registered
Audience: Dentists, Lab techs, Students
Dentist Fee: $80.00
Other Fee: $50.00
Dental Materials and Techniques
Diagnosis/Treatment Planning for Success