Speaker Information

Dr. Robert Edwab
New York, NY
Oral Surgery

Treating Medical Emergencies in the Dental Office: Hands-On Workshop for the Entire Team

Life-threatening medical emergencies in the dental office can occur anytime. This course will cover common office emergencies seen in the dental office, how to evaluate a patient, and determine whom to treat and whom to refer for a medical evaluation. Attendees will be able to recognize patients who have a tendency to cause medical emergencies and how to modify their treatment plan. Learn how to make an emergency kit, identify an emergency and perform the appropriate treatment. Discover the most appropriate drugs for a dentist to have, determine proper dosages and see how to administer them.

Course: Th111
Date/Time: 3/22/2018   12:00 PM - 3:00 PM
Type: Participation
Audience: Assistants, Dentists, Hygienists, Lab techs, Office Staff, Spouses, Students
Dentist Fee: $295.00
Other Fee: $295.00
Oral Surgery