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Course: The Platinum Foil Veneer and All Ceramic Solutions - Hinman.org

Speaker Information

Mr. Von Grow
Lindon, UT
Lab Tech Topics

The Platinum Foil Veneer and All Ceramic Solutions

This seminar reviews how cosmetic veneer cases can be completed with minimal
prep or no prep at all. Imagine little glass slippers that go over natural teeth to
change shade and shape, and achieve beautiful esthetic results. The clinician also
shows traditional prep cases and all ceramic solutions including Pressed Lithium
Disilicate and Zirconia. Discuss changes happening in dentistry and how you can
decide which way you would like to shape your practice.

Course: Sa580
Date/Time: 3/21/2020   9:00 AM - 12:00 PM
Type: Seminar
Audience: Dentists

Dentist Fee: $0.00
Other Fee: $0.00
Room: Omni , Hazelnut
Lab Tech Topics
Restorative Dentistry