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Course: GP Orthodontic Opportunities for Our TMD Patients - Hinman.org

Speaker Information

Dr. Ben Miraglia
Mt. Kisco, NY
Orthodontics/Airway Issues

Sa235 - GP Orthodontic Opportunities for Our TMD Patients
Date/Time: 3/13/2021   4:00 PM - 6:00 PM
Type: Registered   Handouts: No

Room: Omni , International Ballroom C
Dentist Fee: $45.00  Other Fee: $45.00
Audience: Dentists
AGD Code: 370

TMD patients exist in every dental practice. TMD symptoms are as numerous
and variable as the current treatment options are. This course will explore the
difference between treating TMD symptoms and treating the causes of TMD with
sound orthodontic principles. GP orthodontic techniques to treat mild, moderate
or severe TMD symptoms will be shown for both teen and adult patients. This
course will be clinical case-based and should give GP’s confidence to offer
orthodontic solutions to their TMD patients.