Speaker Information

Dr. Nader Sharifi
Chicago, IL
Removable Prosthodontic Solutions

Anything but the Denture: Overdenture Solutions for the Lower Arch

Patients will often do anything they can to avoid wearing a complete
denture including staying in a failing dentition. Overdentures help
overcome this obstacle. This course will address the option of
overdentures with natural teeth or implants as the abutments. Learn
how many implants are necessary and where they should be placed.
The many attachment options will be broken down into simple
categories with clear guidelines for selecting one attachment over
another. Most importantly, you will also complete a hands-on
impression of an overdenture as well as complete the pick-up of an
attachment under a complete denture. The denture and model can be
taken home as a demonstrator model for patient education.

Course: Sa159
Date/Time: 3/25/2017   9:00 AM - 12:00 PM
Type: Participation
Audience: Dentists, Lab techs, Students
Dentist Fee: $450.00
Other Fee: $450.00
Room: GWCC, Exhibits 1