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Mr. Charles Loretto
Frisco, TX
Financial Services
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  • Partner and Investment Advisor, Cain Watters and Associates
  • Founder, National Dental Placements (NDP)

On8008 - The Value of Your Dental Practice—Case Studies from $300,000 to $3,000,000
Type: Online   Handouts: No
In-Person Attendee Fee: $35.00  Other Fee: $50.00
Audience: Dentists
Practice Transitions
AGD Code: 550

If you’ve contemplated the purchase or sale to a private owner or DSO/ Private Equity Group, there is a lot to consider. This session covers strategies for business owners to position themselves financially to sell. Charles explains one of the top determinants of a practice’s value and the effect that it plays on all areas of the practice. Leveraging real case studies, dentists will gain insight into what elements impact not only their practice’s direct and indirect value, but potential buyers’ purchasing power in today’s environment.


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Date Available: 12/19/2023

Date Reviewed: 3/1/24

Date Removed: 5/31/24