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Course: Keynote Session and Lunch with Colonel Nicole Malachowski, USAF (Ret.) at the College Football Hall of Fame - Hinman.org

Fr401 - Keynote Session and Lunch with Colonel Nicole Malachowski, USAF (Ret.) at the College Football Hall of Fame
Date/Time: 3/12/2021   12:30 PM - 1:30 PM
Type: Special Event   Handouts: No
Dentist Fee: $50.00  Other Fee: $50.00
Audience: Dentists, Hygienists, Assistants, Office Staff, Lab techs, Spouses, Students
AGD Code: 550

The $50 fee includes a three course lunch and viewing party at the College Football Hall of Fame (next door to the Omni Hotel). Attendees will be socially distanced and asked to wear masks before and after eating lunch. Treat yourself to an afternoon of fun AND education!


Pushing the Envelope: Being the Best When It Counts

What does it take to be the best? The individuals and teams who achieve at the highest levels have one thing in common: they push the envelope and go to the edge of boundaries. They accomplish as much as possible and do it to a standard of excellence. Pushing the envelope is an aviation term for taking an aircraft to the maximum limits of its abilities. In the business world, pushing the envelope means knowing yourself – certainly knowing your limits – all while using every bit of your ability to maximize your performance, be your best and be consistent. As a combat-tested fighter pilot and a member of the military’s most elite group of aviators (1 in 2,000 USAF pilots become Thunderbird pilots), Nicole Malachowski inspires audiences with lessons learned from a distinguished 21-year career – giving them the courage to push the envelope in their own lives. That means using inevitable failures to launch to the next level…preparing for turbulence, because change is unrelenting, and it is hard, but you must anticipate it…trusting in teammates’ skill and precision while developing your own…and being mindful of the over-control that leads to performance malfunctions and mutes achievement. Nicole’s presentation provides an unforgettable and practical roadmap for individuals and organizations looking to make the most of their talents and efforts.


•Overcome the self-doubt that often inhibits personal and professional growth

•Effectively navigate organizational and cultural change

•Practice vulnerability and transparency to build trust and galvanize teamwork


Col. Nicole Malachowski (USAF, Ret.) defies stereotypes. Yes, she was a jet fighter pilot, but if you think you know her based on that information, you'd be wrong. A leader, a combat veteran, the first woman pilot on the Thunderbirds Air Demonstration Squadron, a White House Fellow, and an inductee into the Women in Aviation International Pioneer Hall of Fame, Nicole's distinguished 21-year Air Force career has exceeded her wildest dreams. But the dream came to an end when a devastating tick-borne illness left her unable to speak or walk for ten months. An indomitable spirit, Nicole fought back against overwhelming odds and prevailed. Drawing on stories from her career and personal life, Nicole inspires audiences to rethink the challenges they face every day. She urges them to go beyond resilience and become resurgent. Nicole's empowers people with three key beliefs: failure and risk are the price of entry for achieving something great; sometimes you need to yield to overcome; and her personal mantra, "nobody wants to lead a scripted life."


Marvin C. Goldstein Memorial Lecture
This session is sponsored by the Atlanta chapter of the Alpha Omega International Dental Fraternity in cooperation with the Thomas P . Hinman Dental Meeting. The Fraternity has dedicated this lectureship in memory of Dr. Marvin C. Goldstein.