Speaker Information

Mr. Brandon Collier
Cleveland, OH
Financial Planning & Investments/Practice Transitions

IRAs and Retirement Plans: What's Right for You?

Tax deductible retirement plans and IRAs are the best legitimate tax shelter going. Deductible contributions are obviously valuable, but so is the less visible long-term tax deferral. There is a natural progression with IRAs and plans that is a function of our capacity to save each year, and this lecture will give a background on the IRA contribution rules (traditional and Roth) as well how to save greater amounts in simple IRAs, 401(k) profit sharing plans, and, ultimately, cash balance defined benefit plans. The rules are technical (frankly, overly so), but these savings vehicles can be mixed and matched for optimal results. 

Date/Time: 3/20/2020   2:30 PM - 4:00 PM
Type: General
Audience: Dentists, Spouses