Speaker Information

Dr. Harold Crossley
Cambridge, MD

Clinically Important Drug Interactions and How to Avoid Them

Today our patients are taking a myriad of prescription and nonprescription
drugs. Some of these drug interactions are life
threatening, others are of little consequence. What are some of the
alternative medications that can be used that do not interact?
Discover a common medication used in dentistry that interacts
with a common blood thinner to possibly cause a heart attack.
Mechanisms of the most important dental drug interactions and
how to manage them will be discussed.

Course: Fr348
Date/Time: 3/24/2017   1:00 PM
Type: General
Audience: Assistants, Dentists, Hygienists, Students
Dentist Fee: $0.00
Other Fee: $0.00
Room: Omni, Grand Ballroom D2-E