Speaker Information

Dr. Gregory Psaltis
Olympia, WA
Pediatric Dentistry

I Was on the Internet Last Night

Many practitioners have all experienced patients (or parents of patients) questioning treatment recommendations because of their new-found knowledge they obtained from the internet. Psaltis will explore why this is happening, what ramifications it can have on the practice and how to deal with it. Specific issues, including primary pulp medicaments, fluoride and sealants are discussed with the controversies surrounding them. Tools for dealing with this increasing phenomenon will help practitioners communicate more effectively with demands from patients.

Course: Fr244
Date/Time: 3/23/2018   8:00 AM - 11:00 AM
Type: Registered
Audience: Assistants, Dentists, Hygienists, Office Staff, Students
Dentist Fee: $80.00
Other Fee: $50.00
Dental Materials and Techniques
Diagnosis/Treatment Planning for Success
Health and Wellness/Nutrition
Pediatric Dentistry
Practice Management
Restorative Dentistry