Speaker Information

Dr. Lee Ann Brady
Phoenix, AZ
Restorative and Esthetic Dentistry/Occlusion

Anterior Composite Artistry

Direct composite can be a conservative, durable and beautiful
anterior material. Discover the variety of materials and techniques
available today to take your composites to the next level so that your
team and patients are raving about the esthetic results. Compare total
etch to self etch techniques and distinguish the risks and benefits of
each. The concept of layering for ultimate beauty and color control
will be discussed in detail. Techniques for simplifying direct composite
veneers and class four restorations will be presented.

Course: Fr240
Date/Time: 3/24/2017   8:30 AM
Type: Registered
Audience: Assistants, Dentists
Dentist Fee: $80.00
Other Fee: $50.00
Room: GWCC, B401