Speaker Information

Ms. Diane Millar

Advanced Instrumentation Techniques

Fr129 - Advanced Reinforced Scaling and Ergonomics: Elevate Your Career to a New Level!
Date/Time: 3/17/2023   1 - 4 p.m.
Type: Participation   Handouts: Yes

Room: Omni - Sycamore
Dentist Fee: $235.00  Other Fee: $235.00
Audience: Hygienists
AGD Code: 490

This interactive course will provide a hands-on scaling experience to improve scaling effectiveness and ideal postural ergonomics. Attendees will understand how to prevent work-related pain that can cause musculoskeletal injuries and disability. Instrumentation photos and video clips will be shown during the scaling experience as attendees work on a periodontal typodont attached to a simulation unit. Ergonomically advanced scaling techniques and fulcrum placements to enhance precision and injury preventions (which will protect your hands and wrists from repetitive motion injuries) will be demonstrated. As part of the registration fee, attendees will receive a manual on advanced reinforced instrumentation and ergonomics valued at $54.00.