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  • Partner and Investment Advisor, Cain Watters and Associates
  • Founder, National Dental Placements (NDP)

Thursday Courses
Th306 - Understanding Private Equity Offers: Sorting Through the Truth, Lies, Opportunities and Threats
Time: 9 - 11 AM
Room: GWCC,
Type: General    Handouts: Speaker bringing
Dentist Fee: $0.00  Other Fee: $0.00

2020 was a volatile year, making it more important than ever to have a financial plan that can meet your goals as a dental business owner. Industry trends are dramatically impacting the current orthodontic market, and with private equity offers more prevalent, owners must decide how to maximize the largest asset you typically own—your practice. Mr. Loretto will discuss how valuations and transitions can impact your long-term financial plan. Participants will receive a thorough outline of considerations to analyze the value of the practice, and the new set of expectations when transitioning. 

Learning objectives:

• Understand how private equity or a DSO values your EBITDA as the owner of a dental practice.

• Create a personal and business financial plan that will position your practice to maximize it’s value when the time is right.

Th226 - Accumulating Wealth in Your Practice: Financial Decisions to Take You There
Time: 12:30 - 3 PM
Room: GWCC,
Type: Registered    Handouts: Speaker bringing
Dentist Fee: $95.00  Other Fee: $65.00

The pandemic’s practice closures brought volatility and confusion to dental practices. When production dropped seemingly overnight, reduced cash flow impacted not only the business, but also the home for many practice owners. Mr. Loretto flips yesterday’s uncertainty into a roadmap for future financial security. Taking the lessons learned from shutdowns, stimulus dollars, government regulations and legislation, he shares the key initiatives doctors need to take away to be prepared and confident with whatever the new year has to hold.

Learning Objectives:

• Identify tax strategies to improve cash flow and support market volatility.

• Set a realistic business and personal financial plan to help you meet your long-term goals, even through times of adversity.

Friday Courses
Fr229 - New Dentist Track
Time: 9 AM - 4 PM
Room: GWCC,
Type: Registered    Handouts: No
Dentist Fee: $180.00  Other Fee: $110.00

Ms. Carrie Webber

Ready to Launch: Practice and Growth Strategies for New Dentists

9 - 10:30 a.m.

Abraham Lincoln said "The best way to predict your future is to create it." What are you doing right now, at the very beginning of your dental career, to ensure success in your practicing life? In this course, dental business leaders, owners and practitioners will study key components to successfully fulfill their ideal practicing vision.
Components like:
The why and how behind establishing and communicating your purpose and vision;
The leadership skills necessary in both leading processes and people; and
Key management and marketing systems to streamline now for continued growth.


Mr. Steven Anderson

Why New Dentists Fail

10:30 a.m. - 12 p.m.
Discover the biggest mistakes new dentists make and the secrets that will take
your performance to new levels of success.
• The unknown, epidemic “disease” that creates turnover, disharmony,
and lower case acceptance and what you can do about it.
• How to consistently produce more than you have scheduled.
• The 2 personal obstacles that every new dentist fight and overcome to
achieve long term success.
• The secret of creating and maintaining a winning team.
Learn new skills, grow as a professional and set a new vision for yourself
and your performance now!


Lunch is on your own from 12 – 1 p.m.


Dr. Mark Kleive

Wealth Accumulation for Every Stage of Your Dental Career

1 - 2:30 p.m.

Understanding the stages of a dentist’s financial life cycle and how to prepare for them is an important part of being smart with your money. Almost every dentist begins their career with significant debt, which makes it very challenging to think about - let alone plan for - saving and ultimate financial independence. However, this initial stage of your career shouldn’t cloud your awareness that this is just a part of your financial life cycle and strategic steps can still take you to your preferred future. What if you look at your dental practice as the economic engine that drives the personal financial success for you and your team? This course will emphasize aspects of practice management AND financial strategies proven to ensure your wealth accumulation.
Learning Objectives:
Identify clearly where you are in your own financial life cycle
Understand your practice’s economic engine, existing financial reporting and how to strategically maximize your “nest egg”
Explore the Prosperity Formula and its 5 components
Understand debt and its true cost for your advantage


Mr. Charles Loretto & Ms. Christy Ratcliff

Owning Your Dental Practice: The Bridge to Financial Freedom

2:30 - 4 p.m.

This lecture illuminates the opportunities, options and impact the pandemic has on practice transition goals for both the buyer and seller. 

To help prepare for a successful practice transition, this lecture addresses how to know if you are financially ready to sell or buy and the impact it will have on your earnings and financial future. It will also review important considerations like how-to identify how much of the practice is appropriate for the buyer to purchase and how-to determine if bank financing or owner financing is best. Charles also spends time detailing how the money should be split if you go the partnership route.  The presenter will also show the significant tax advantage practices transitions have for both the buyer and seller based on 2021 tax law. He will offer insight into creative tax planning strategies for both the buyer and seller to help limit liability and increase the bottom line.



Fr243 - Creating a Successful Dental Partnership: Lessons Learned from 35 Years of Practice Transitions
Time: 9:30 AM - 12 PM
Room: GWCC,
Type: Registered    Handouts: Speaker bringing
Dentist Fee: $95.00  Other Fee: $65.00

Dental practice partnerships and transition opportunities are not just about dollars and cents. This lecture presents information on how to create a successful partnership that is fair and equitable to both parties. In addition, it shows how the transition will have significant tax advantages for both the buyer and the seller, creating a win-win situation. The topics covered  provide a thorough outline of key considerations when contemplating a partnership.  How to identify when you are financially ready to sell and how to identify a purchase price will be discussed, when and if to use bank financing or owner financing and how to terminate a deal if something goes awry. This course offers clarity through an outline for success.

Tuesday Courses
Vr602 - Key Financial Decisions for Practice Owners (February Virtual)
Time: 12 - 1 PM
Room: ,
Type: Virtual    Handouts: No
Dentist Fee: $0.00  Other Fee: $0.00

Your dental practice has the potential to accelerate your financial goals. But many owners are on autopilot. From beginning your journey with ownership to improving cash flow, saving for short- and long-term goals, tax strategy, successful partnerships and ultimately sale of practice, this course offers a full lifecycle roadmap for your future financial security. Mr. Loretto shares the key concepts doctors need to implement to be prepared and confident, especially in times of adversity and uncertainty. Using real case studies, this course will empower dentists with the knowledge they need no matter what stage of life they are in. Upon completion of this session, attendees should be able to:

·         Understand the different financial phases of the lifecycle of a dentist.

·         Identify tax strategies to improve cash flow and support market volatility in each phase.

·         Set a realistic business and personal financial plan to meet their short-and long-term goals.