Dr. Martin Gollner Lab Program Bayreuth, Germany,
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  • Private practice: implant surgery and esthetic and functional reconstruction 
  • Founder, DentalForum Institute 

Friday Courses
FR574 - 10 Years of Team Approach – Philosophy and Strategy for an Esthetic and Functional, Successful and Sustainable Treatment-Concept
Time: 2 - 5 PM
Room: GWCC, GWCC A313
Type: Seminar    Handouts: No
Dentist Fee: $0.00  Other Fee: $0.00

The team shows the interaction in the important steps in communication, surgery planning and finally the prosthodontic implementation of the dental treatment-concept. As a condition for a functional and aesthetic reconstruction is the reproducible capturing and referenced transferring of the natural occlusal plane as the dental or skeletal midpoint of the patient. The team shows the results of treatments and some new approach of treatment in complex cases step by step.

Saturday Courses
SA580 - How to Create Lifelike Artificial Tissue in Restorations
Time: 8 - 10 AM
Type: Seminar    Handouts: Yes
Dentist Fee: $0.00  Other Fee: $0.00

In this program Stefan will demonstrate the layering of materials to create the perfect replication of pink tissue in dental restorations. 

Stefan will first demonstrate how to determine the true color of the natural tissue. In the second step, learn how to transfer this color information to the restoration, and how to replicate the nuances of natural anatomy. The final keys are the techniques to grind and polish the surface of the pink ceramic to get a natural outcome.

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