Dr. Harold Crossley Pharmacology Trappe, MD

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  • Professor Emeritus, University of Maryland Dental School
  • Fellow, American College of Dentists and International College of Dentists
  • Honorary Member, Hinman Dental Society

Thursday Courses
Th219 - Changing Standards of Care 2023: Practice in the Present and Protect Your Patients
Time: 9 AM - 12 PM
Room: GWCC, A303
Type: Registered    Handouts: Yes
Dentist Fee: $95.00  Other Fee: $65.00
AGD Code: 730

Drs. Hal Crossley and Mitchell Gardiner will present an engaging program on the newest changing standards of care that challenge dentists. It is imperative that dentists stay up to date on the changes that affect clinical dentistry daily. This course will cover a wide array of topics including areas such as: medical history/medical clearance, oral cancer screening and documentation/follow-up, opioids and pain management, informed consent for procedures and drugs, prophylactic antibiotic protocols and antibiotic usage.

Friday Courses
Fr321 - The New Street Drugs and Their Impact on Your Patients
Time: 9 AM - 12 PM
Room: GWCC, A412
Type: General    Handouts: Yes
Dentist Fee: $0.00  Other Fee: $0.00
AGD Code: 157

How will a practitioner know if a person is under the influence of street drugs? What are some characteristics of adolescent substance abuse and what do I do about it? The dental team is in a unique position providing dental care to a patient population that may be regular users or experimenting with mood-altering drugs. This presentation will help to identify and manage the substance-abusing patient. Discussion includes newer ways for abusing prescription and illicit drugs that might impact your dental treatment.

Fr266 - Opioid Use, Misuse, Abuse and Addiction: Appropriate Opioid and Non-Opioid Prescribing
Time: 2 - 4 PM
Room: GWCC, A404
Type: Registered    Handouts: Yes
Dentist Fee: $95.00  Other Fee: $65.00
AGD Code: 157

This program will discuss the addictive nature, abuse and proper prescribing of opioids in a dental practice. For centuries opioids have been used to control pain and suffering, but at what cost to us and our families.? What are our alternatives for controlling post-operative pain? This lecture will satisfy the Georgia Board of Dental Examiners’ requirement for opioid prescribing.


At the conclusion of this course, the attendees will know:  

  • How to combine analgesics to maximize post-operative pain control.
Saturday Courses
Sa269 - Clues to Your Patients’ Health: The Most Common Physician-Prescribed Medications
Time: 9 - 11 AM
Room: GWCC, A401
Type: Registered    Handouts: Yes
Dentist Fee: $95.00  Other Fee: $65.00
AGD Code: 010

Generic medications represent 90% of all prescriptions. Are they equivalent to brand-name medications? What is a biosimilar? Why are monoclonal antibodies so expensive? Do any of these medications impact my patients’ dental treatment? Learn the indications, contraindications and side effects of the most commonly prescribed medications. Familiarity with these drugs will provide you with a better appreciation for the health profile of today’s dental patient and help you to avoid liability.